Whether you are a wood Carver, Contractor, Hobbyist, Landscaper, Furniture Maker, Craftsman, Fence Builder or Home Owner, we can custom mill your our logs to your spec.

We offer you over 66 years of experience in the wood industry ranging from Milling itself, buying logs, logging, restoration, clearing, contracting, and General mill working.

We out source our logs from a variety of sources including Windfall from downed trees, Private Owners, Tree Services etc.

While we do carry some inventory, we have found over the years that most everyone has needs that are different so in addition to some stock wood a good majority of our business is the custom cutting to YOUR specifications.
Here at WESTERN CEDAR FENCE BUSTERS we are reconstructing the diminished and forgotten practice of producing Grapestake Fencing, Fence Posts and Fence Rails the Old Fashioned Way and that is to "Hand Split" the fencing products using the Old Mallet and Froe Tools from the 1920's and 1930's.

We are a wood products company dedicated to providing the homeowner, contractor or architect with hand split stock or custom cut fencing products. Our attention to log selection, the art of reading how wood grain splits, and utilizing the old style logging tools to hand split the product gives our customer something unique and original in today's fencing materials market.

It's not uncommon to hear customers say "Until now I didn't realize there was someone out there still making the Grapestake Fencing." In general, we have found that consumers are becoming more and more individualists in their ideas and often look to do something that makes themselves and their property a little more unique and different from that of their neighbors. Putting up a Hand Split Grapestake Fence around their home or property really does make a bold and unique statement and with the appeal of the rustic old world charm a lot of people are seeking these days.

Western Cedar Fence Busters' number one objective is to give customers what they want and to dispel the illusion that this is what they have to take which what you get in some lumber stores. Many of our customers are looking for something custom cut to specifications of their own. As an example we do a lot of fence restorations for Historical Designated Homes so in order to keep their historical designation, even repairs or replacements of fencing have to be same specs as the original. Everyone's needs are different, so we have the ability to cut wide boards, narrow boards, thick or thin. Pretty much, we are open to producing anything they want.